Veterinary Supplement

Veterinary Supplement


Veterinary products from Taiwan focus on R & D and provide complex nutrition for animals. We offer veterinarians on higher-value activities to shorten the treatment period and partial replacement of medicine. We care for customers’ need and provide excellent solutions:




ActiMMU (Immune system support)
Immune System Support:
– Strengthen Immune System
– Protect Against The Immune
Indication: Adjuvant therapy for Cancer and Infectious Diseases by provide strength to anti virus and infection
Ingredient: Fucoidan, βglucan
Content: 60 Capsules/box
SuperNutri (Whole nutrition support)

Whole Nutrition Support:
– Excellent Source of Protein
– Containing Various Vitamins
– Minerals and Essential Fatty Acids
– Great Tasting Formula for Pet’s Energy Needs
–  Nutrition Supplement After Surgery
–  Skin Disease Lock of Completed Nutrition
–  Enhance Nutrient absorption
Ingredient: Soft-shelled turtle eggs, Egg phospholipid, Allicin, Squalene, Flaxseed Oil
Content: 60 Softgels/box

Pro-AX (Cellular Protection)

Cellular Protection:
– Slow down the again process
– Keeping pet’s fur shining and color
– Maintaining yes health by helping to prevent age-related macular degeneration.
– Better heart health, studies show it reduces cholesterol.
– Reduces joint pain by reducing inflammation
– Keep Cell Young and Active
–  Recover The Pet’s Fur
–  Adjuvant Therapy With Painkiller
Ingredient: Astaxanthin, Allicin, Skrill Oil, Vitamin E, EPA, DHA
Content: 60 Softgels/box

Liver DTX (Liver Detox & Repair)

Liver Detox & Repair:
– Support nutrition for all life stages of pets in need of liver
– Naturally helps to rehabilitate liver
– Improve chronic fatigue syndrome
Indication: Improves liver, pancreas and gallbladder health, Supports proper kidney and endocrine function, For fatty liver disease
Ingredient: GSH (Glutathione),SAMe(S-adenosyl methionine),Beetroot Extracts, Grape Seed Extracts
Content: 60 Pastilles/box

Mega Probiotic (Digestive Health)

Digestive Health:
– Supports a healthy balance of intestinal flora.
– Stimulates the intestinal immune system
– Reduces bloating, gas and intestinal discomfort.
– Relieve constipation, diarrhea and indigestion.
– Prevent antibiotic-associated diarrhea.
– Adjuvant therapy for Infectious disease(distemper germ), parasites(roundworms, whipworm, coccidia)
Ingredient: Saccharomyces boulardii
Content: 60 Capsules/box

Hi-EPA (EPA-Rich Provider)

EPA-Rich Provider:
– Reduce inflamed and swelling skin
– Reduce hyperlipidemia and chyle blood
– Inhibition of inflammation of the liver
– Arthritis pain relief
– Inflamed And Swelling Skin
– Chyle Blood
– Prevention of fatty liver
– Improve kidney inflammation
Ingredient: EPA 80%,ALA 3%,DHA 2%
Content: 60 Softgels/box

Herbal Spray (Heal Inflamed Skin)

Heal Inflamed Skin Irritate by environment
– Skin inflammation or Scratching
– Sensitive skin problem
Ingredient: Water, a-Tocopherol, Cajeuput-tree essential oil, Peppermint extracts
Content: 50 ml

Ear Cleaner (Heal Inflamed Skin)

Ear Solutions for Clean Ears Safe and effective aid in maintaining good ear hygiene.
– Helps deodorize and clean odors associated with ears
– Prevent infection of ear canal
Ingredient: Water, Tea tree oil, Aloe vera extracts, Tripterygium extracts, Surfactant, Ag ion, Licorice essential oil.
Content: 120 ml