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At PT. OEA, we aspire to lead the way in Medical Excellence. A unity of Passion and Professionalism for Life.


OEA is a limited liability company based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Established in 2013, OEA has rapidly become one of the fast growing supplying platform for its distributors worldwide.

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PT. OEA steadily focus on pharmaceutical fields. Striving to deliver vital injections and oral formulations to millions, covering wide range of product categories from renowned global facilities.

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Medical Devices

PT. OEA leads medical device industry by specializing in various types of test kits, blood monitoring machine, and masks. All products are customized to meet companies’ preferences and standards.

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Veterinary Supplements

PT. OEA’s facility is a global leader in the research, development, and manufacturing of veterinary medicines, offering one of the widest range of veterinary supplements and services.

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Food Supplements

PT. OEA provides nutritional supplement customization by superior contracting services. Comprehending supreme value of health being, PT. OEA generates best supplement sources worldwide for your pursuit of better life.

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Beauty Skin Care

PT. OEA continues to deliver the most advanced cosmetic and OEM skin care formulations. Our facilities of scientists and researchers focus on contemporary approaches for product efficacy and pursue technological innovations.

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Vision and Mission

Being a global trading company in European and South East Asian countries. Dedicated to provide excellent quality and services of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and consumer products.